This is our Earth! When will the abuse of our home stop? #CoffeeTalkwithPhilRush

The single biggest thing that alarms, scares and angers me is that there are so many people refusing to believe, or accept, that our actions are killing the very planet we exist on and depend on for life! The evidence is real and clear! It may not be happening today, but it is happening as sure as death is coming to us all.
Whether activists are exaggerating some things or not, it is still a reality that is happening!
The Earth is not indestructible. What happens when it no longer can provide what we must have to live?
When everything has been used up, when the earth is poisoned by man’s greed and relentless pursuit of wealth, when there is no more food, no more drinkable water, when all the animals, the fowls and fish have perished, it will be too late to start fixing the problems!
Now is the time to start addressing the problems! Take a stand for something good! Help the healing to begin in your lifetime so that your children, grandchildren and beyond can live their lifetimes! Make up your mind to be against the waste and destruction of our Earth. We don’t have anywhere else to go and live as we do on Earth!
You need to think on this for a while.

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My opinion on the ineffectiveness of Fanaticism #CoffeeTalkwithPhilRush

The one reason I think I don’t have many friends on social media?
Yeah, it’s my own opinion, but here I go again anyway.
:Now, before I start let me clarify this one thing.
On any topic or subject there is a big difference between a fanatic and someone who is simply a believer. Fanatics are the overbearing and totally irritating folks that constantly lambast you with whatever it is that they are hooked on and who think you must see it their way too or you are just flat out wrong!
So, when I say fanatic I am not talking about the many folks who simply believe in something or are okay with it but don’t try to cram it down our throats all the time. Fanatics are the ‘over the top people‘ and I’m sure we’ve all met some of them in our journey through this world.

Okay, so with that said, here we go.

One thing I’ve observed in my many years on this earth. People who are over the top fanatical about anything from their diet to their health to their religion to their self importance and anything in between actually tend to drive more people away from it than convince them to join it, but they can’t see it or they refuse to see that their fanaticism is more detrimental than beneficial.

No matter what it is, I think most folks only want to become part of something at their own pace in their own time, not from intense brow-beating and incessant badgering from someone else. I think less is more in this case.

Fanatics also seem to be very judgemental of others even though they profess not to be. They seem to think if you don’t agree with what they think then it’s okay to judge you.

I understand people’s nature is such that, when they find something they love they want to try and convince everyone else that they too should be in on it. But, I think the more time you spend on your soapbox lecturing on a particular thing, the less effective you become at convincing others of its virtues.

I have also noticed that many of those who are fanatical about something sometimes tend to stretch the facts until they become hard to recognize. This is probably because of the intense desire to convince others that nothing can compare to how great this thing is that they are so sold on. But this stretching of the truth is usually recognized by the listener and therefore, only serves to negate the entire statement.

It would be nice if everyone would just enjoy what they like and welcome others but abstain from judging others and from the non-stop barrage of statements and pressuring others to get on board and become fanatics along with them!

This is just my opinion from what I have seen over the years.

Dealing with Memories #CoffeeTalkwithPhilRush

Some thoughts of mine:
Memories cannot normally be forgotten, so therefore, they must be dealt with. I think that due to human nature we tend to dwell on the negative more than the positive. I believe we are prone to be more stressed and unhappy because, at least to me, it seems we are programed to dwell more on unpleasant memories than pleasant ones. However, I do think that everyone has the ability to overcome this tendency and feel more happiness by taking the time to deal with their memories. I believe we can learn to file memories away in our minds so that they are manageable and yet we can control them instead of vice versa. Now, I’m no expert, nor am I a doctor and I don’t pretend to be. I just know this problem of being haunted by bad memories is real for many people including myself and I am only sharing how I feel and how I deal with it in hopes that it might help someone else as it has helped me.
I have endeavored to write this in a way so that it doesn’t incite anyone to ridicule it or be offended by it, as it is plainly my opinion only. Other than references to myself, it is targeted at no one particular. So, If you think I am referring to you then I am sorry, because it is not aimed at any one person. Also, I realize even though I refer to memories in terms of good or bad that there are differing degrees of each. I know that an unpleasant memory of the death of a loved one is different from a vehement argument or fight with someone. I know that hurt feelings or the pain of lost love from a breakup is not a pleasant memory, but isn’t the same as an unexpected, tragic loss of life event that can happen to anyone. So, all memories need to be evaluated and then dealt with according to how they are rated by the individual themselves on a scale from good to bad. The best good memories can be kept close at hand and recalled anytime we wish to bring a smile or an euphoric feeling to help uplift our spirit.
Bad memories can be filed in the back end of the bottom drawer of our brain’s filing cabinet so that they aren’t always popping up unexpectedly and causing the sadness or anger to wash over us again and again. Of course, we will have learned from the experience, but we don’t have to keep dragging the painful memory with us everywhere we go, and bringing it up all the time doesn’t help us get past it, but in my opinion just keeps rubbing salt in the open wound. One very important factor, for me at least, is to forgive one’s self and reconcile the feelings of guilt over things which one had no control, yet somehow want to blame one’s self for or feel that one must bear this burden for life. You are not dishonoring anyone’s or anything’s memory or showing a lack of concern simply because you no longer talk about it all the time. We all must move on, failing to do so is very detrimental to our own selves. Yes, I have bad and unhappy memories that have accumulated in my lifetime, but I refuse to let those be the controlling force in my life or guide what I do and how I feel all the time. I am not a callous, coldhearted of uncaring person because I choose when and how I will recall my memories both good & bad. I have found that by compartmentalizing my thoughts into imaginary mind folders and filing stuff accordingly, I can be a much happier and consequently, a much nicer person to be around. I have realized that I can actually enjoy my own company and look forward to each day, wondering what it might hold for me.
If you have been struggling with this also, I encourage you to begin thinking about this method of managing memories which you can control yourself and to work on putting your thoughts into these mind folders and set them in their place within your brain. It probably won’t happen immediately and for some people it may take more effort than others, but the reward is worth the effort. As you do this it will become easier to manage your thoughts and you will feel much less a prisoner of your unpleasant memories. How I find it works best for me is to find a place where I can be alone with my thoughts for a while. Then I relax and breathe in & out in a easy calm way. Then I try to see & replay the prevailing memory as a vision in my mind. This helps me, I think, much like when people say, “if you fall off the horse, get up and get back on again”. Trying to remember the entire ordeal allows me to avoid “zeroing” in on and sensationalizing bits and pieces of the unpleasant thoughts which can then become stuck in the mind’s eye and be stumbling blocks which are tougher to deal with. After, I have thought about it sufficiently I begin to tell myself that I have no reason to continue punishing myself with this painful memory and that I need to allow it to go into the archived portion of my mind only to be brought out again when I consciously choose to do so. I don’t have to deal with the good stuff so much because I want it to be out front more and it helps me stay or get back in a happy mood. The good memories will mostly just fall into place once you learn how to deal with the unpleasant memories.
Now, you must start believing that the memory has been given its due attention and is safely filed away in your mind in the event you want to see it again, but that it won’t just pop up out of nowhere and overtake your emotions again. You need to tell yourself that you believe this method will work. You may have to repeat the effort in the beginning to help train your mind to think this way, but like so many things in life, if you believe in it and keep doing it, I believe it will work.
Please have a great day!! 🙂


Money saving advice on Grocery Shopping: #CoffeeTalkwithPhilRush

Folks, Take my advice when it comes to shopping, especially grocery shopping, if you don’t take time to shop at different stores then you are paying too much for what you get.
Everyone complains about how much stuff costs yet, so many won’t go to any effort to save a dollar.
You can make your money go a lot further by doing a little planning before leaving the house. This is especially important if you live alone or are on a fixed income or are feeding several mouths in your family.
First, Plan weekly meals and make a list of the things you really need to buy. The meal plan can and should be flexible, but it will help you keep your buying in check.
Check online and newspaper or circular ads to see who has what on sale.
Download and use the free apps that give rebates on purchases.
Ibotta, Checkout51 and SavingStar are the best apps to use.
I usually spend a little time in the evenings watching TV and perusing these apps to see what rebates are available that I am interested in purchasing. Honestly, I have received hundreds of dollars in cash back from these 3 apps alone.
Be sure you have a store customer card for any stores that offer them. Kroger has an online app where you can download e-coupons on hundreds of items to your Kroger card and they will automatically be applied when you buy that item at the store, definitely worth the time. They also offer a free item every Friday through their online app and email but it has to be downloaded to your card on Friday only and then you usually have about a month to actually buy it and get it free. It only works if you have online Kroger account as well as Kroger card.
Most all stores have online apps and you can find their sales online at their web sites if you don’t get circulars weekly.
Always Clip coupons that you will or should use if you get them.
There are many credit cards that will give a flat percentage of your purchase back to you in reward cash for using their card and almost all cards will give you a grace period to pay it off without a finance charge. Use these credit cards to purchase then go online within a couple days and pay the amount you spent off or wait til the statement comes and pay it off in full before a finance charge is incurred. Kroger and Walmart have their own credit cards as do some others and they offer additional cash rewards if you use their credit card. 5% or 3% or 1% back is still money in your pocket. especially when many folks buy groceries every week.
When you arrive at the stores look for in-store sales, mark downs and especially learn where they put the clearance items. I find a lot of good deals in the weekly clearance items.
All stores are cheaper on some thing and higher on others and if you learn this then you can shop more wisely.
Learn the sales dates that your local stores follow and plan accordingly.
Remember, there may a few brands that are worth holding out for but in most cases the store brand is the same item just packaged under the store brand. Check ingredients to find out how one compares to another.
They are counting on you placing more importance on getting the shopping over with to cause you to buy everything at one place as fast as you can…that’s not in your favor! Always allow time to check prices and ingredients! Remember, most stores place the higher priced goods at eye level or easiest to reach. Look up, look down, look all around before you choose and never just grab n go! That’s the most costly thing you can do!
Most times, I will go to Kroger, Aldi, Big Lots, Walmart, Food Fair, Iga, Sav a Lot and sometimes CVS, Rite-Aid, Walgreens, Roses, Dollar Tree, Mighty Dollar all. Usually I do 2 or 3 or maybe 4 places in a trip. This way, over a few trips to these places I’ve learned what to expect to buy from each place and can streamline my trips and sometimes I don’t go to a store unless I know there is something I want there. Between getting best prices and rebates and using coupons I save a substantial amount of money. Maybe enough to play more golf, eat out, go to the movies or take a day trip. It’s definitely worth the effort! Give it a try and stick with it long enough to get a handle on the stores in your area and their pricing habits.
Have a great day!! 🙂

Act your age and watch your health! #CoffeeTalkwithPhilRush

No matter how great you look, how athletic or ‘Hot’ you are now or were before, as you increase in age your body and health will change. It’s a natural progression and nothing to be ashamed of. Your body cannot stay the same as it was before and it is important to realize this both for your emotional and physical health.
No matter how much you wish otherwise, you can’t stop the aging process. Sure, some bodies age slower than others and even those who strive to eat right and exercise sufficiently will hold out longer than us couch potatoes who love our hot dogs, potato chips and soda.
What point am I trying to make you ask?
Well, what I want to point out here is this, I see too many people who apparently believe that if they refuse to accept that they are aging, that alone will keep them young. Staying young as you grow older exists in the state of your mind, not the body. You need to accept that you will age and that’s okay. Don’t deny the changes and monitor your health and well being all the time. You will have to see doctors more, you likely will have to begin some medicine regimens.
Realize that denying or ignoring changes to your body or health can become very serious and your stubbornness will not prevent a problem from getting worse.
Just accept that you are aging and therefore, your body is changing. Stay on top of your health and do what your doctor tells you. That’s how you will live the longest and be the happiest. Sticking your head in the sand will not keep the aging process at bay.
Now go and have a great day!! 🙂

You Must Be Happy With Yourself First #CoffeeTalkwithPhilRush

One of the most important things I’ve learned in life is that you’re gonna have to be happy with yourself first before you can be happy with someone else!

Here are some things that may help you to achieve that:

1) Learn to be completely objective and totally honest with yourself
2) Stop blaming your problems on everything and everyone else
3) Realize and accept that you need to evaluate and make some changes to yourself.
4) Realize that you can deal with yourself and no one else has to know about it, it’s only between you and yourself
5) Identify and accept that there are things that you don’t like about yourself.
6) Forgive yourself and make peace with yourself for the things you feel guilty about.
7) Resolve to change yourself and to eliminate what you don’t like about yourself
8) Realize that you will not accomplish these things on the first try
9) Convince yourself that because you don’t succeed on the first try, you have not failed, keep going
10) It’s okay if you fall off the wagon, You just pick yourself up and get back on.
11) Never quit or give up and you will achieve your goals
12) Realize that others will not respect you if you don’t respect yourself
13) Learn that you can rely on yourself if you need to
14) Never let someone else be responsible for your life or happiness.
15) Realize that only when you are happy with yourself can you be happy with someone else

Some rules for living: #CoffeeTalkwithPhilRush

1) You are important, but life isn’t all about you
2) Always be nice to everyone until they force you not to be
3) Don’t live with blinders on, see what’s happening around you
4) Try not to burn bridges behind you
5) Always try to be objective and fair
6) Don’t Lie ever
7) Always be thankful for what you have
8) Don’t whine about things that you don’t have
9) The world doesn’t owe you anything
10) Never take advantage, mistreat or cheat anyone
11) Always practice giving, without expectations in return
12) Don’t make excuses for others bad behavior
13) Seek to accumulate friends and love, not material things
14) Be willing to offer help when you see it’s needed
15) Help others as much as you can
16) Do unexpected little things for someone anonymously
17) Don’t compare yourself, your life or success to others
18) Realize that what you hear (or see) may not be true
19) Eat good healthy food as much as possible
20) Life is Life, Live it !!
21) Don’t miss out on your life, there’s no rewind and no do overs.
22) Never spend time worrying what others think of you
23) Life is short, don’t put off doing things with loved ones
24) Realize this, You will look back and see that the little things were really the big things. Enjoy them now and then you’ll enjoy the great memories later without regrets.
25) Try to use your brain more, pay attention and think for yourself.
Have a great day!! 🙂

Don’t Feel Sorry For Me. #CoffeeTalkwithPhilRush

Don’t feel sorry for me.
I may not have it easy, but I have it much better than many do and they deserve your sympathy, not me.
-) Feel sorry for those that are addicted to drugs, and for those coping with family or loved ones who are addicted.
-) Feel sorry for children who are mistreated, abandoned, unloved, unwanted and those who are abused and harmed and can’t take care of themselves.
-) Feel sorry for the elderly who have no one to help them when they need it.
-) Feel sorry for those senior citizens who are thrown away by family and are abused in nursing homes where they are supposed to be safe.
-) Feel sorry for those who are homeless and truly want to do better but can’t get a chance.
-) Feel sorry for our Veterans who are treated worse than criminals by our own government.
-) Feel sorry for those that are hungry in this country of plenty, but can’t get enough food for a decent meal.
-) Feel sorry for those that are barely scraping by day to day and aren’t sure what they’ll be facing tomorrow.
No, don’t feel sorry for me, but instead show compassion for those that are truly downtrodden and whom life has dealt an unfair blow and are in desperate need. They deserve your sympathy and care, give it to them!
And…Maybe if you can, figure out a way you can help someone else who is truly in need. Most of us have it pretty good, when we stop whining about our life, and look around us at others who really are in dire straits, with no one to turn to.
Make a difference in someone’s life, help someone who really needs it !!

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My Thoughts on the destruction of our planet for Greed and the pursuit of money! #CoffeeTalkwithPhilRush

The single biggest thing that alarms, scares and angers me is that there are so many people refusing to believe, or accept, that our actions are killing the very planet we exist on and depend on for life! The evidence is real and clear! It may not be happening tomorrow but it is happening as sure as death is coming to us all.
Whether activists are exaggerating some things or not, it is still a reality that is happening!
The Earth is not indestructible. What happens when it no longer can provide what we must have to live?
When everything has been used up, when the earth is poisoned by man’s greed and relentless pursuit of wealth, when there is no more food, no more drinkable water, when all the animals, the fowls and fish have perished, it will be too late to start fixing the problems!
Now is the time to start addressing the problems! Take a stand for something good! Help the healing to begin in your lifetime so that your children, grandchildren and beyond can live their lifetimes! Make up your mind to be against the waste and destruction of our Earth. We don’t have anywhere else to go and live as we do on Earth!
You need to think on this for a while.

Thoughts on life and politics #CoffeeTalkwithPhilRush

I have been contemplating a lot of things lately and I’ve made some important decisions.
In the past, I have spent a considerable amount of time following and fidgeting over the political landscape and speaking out on social media about what I think. You know what, it has never had any influence on anyone or any aspect of politics itself. I have come to believe that I have wasted my time chasing that ever illusive ideal. Consequently, I have decided to abstain from such activities on social media. This decision doesn’t mean that I have no opinions or beliefs on the subject of politics. What it means is that I realized it’s a futile effort to believe my opinions will change anything by spewing them out on social media sites! Actually, even posting this writing here will not matter to anyone but me.
   So, rather than spend my time fretting over what’s happening in politics, I prefer to indulge in the whimsical and silly or sentimental thoughts that will maybe bring a smile to someone’s face!
I think it’s important to share and help spread information that may help someone regarding the things that they actually deal with on a daily basis. Things like home life or getting outdoors more, getting some exercise, about disease, diabetes or good food and cooking or just having fun. So, I am going to spend more time posting about those things and posting photos both from my life and of my adventures out and about.
   Anyway, I am quite certain that throwing a tantrum on a social media site would most likely, only result in my family, friends and other readers developing an inaccurate opinion of who I am. It seems to me that folks are quite quick to label you based on some single thing you say once, instead of trying to get the whole picture of who you are. I prefer not to be categorized by judgmental people when it comes to what I support and what I don’t because they almost always judge me wrongly. There are some who will criticize and disagree with you no matter what you say. They will even dislike my statements here because they still want to feel okay about posting their political propaganda statements all the time.
   I have lived long enough and am confident enough in my life that I can laugh at myself without feeling bad about myself. I think we would be a lot better off in every way if people would just get over themselves and quit looking for something to be offended by and whining about all the time.
   I am a firm believer that Negative thoughts attracts Negative and Positive thoughts attracts Positive.
We never know how long we have left or how much time is left to spend with family, friends or doing those things we really want before we expire! It’s time we got back to the basics of life, it’s time to quit trying to always get one up on someone else. It’s high time to stop the all the bad behavior and start living the happy life! It’s as easy as deciding to do it and sticking with that decision!
It’s time to turn up the music, kick off your shoes and dance in the kitchen til the morning light !!
Life is Life, Live it !!
Have a great day! 🙂