I have been contemplating a lot of things lately and I’ve made some important decisions.
In the past, I have spent a considerable amount of time following and fidgeting over the political landscape and speaking out on social media about what I think. You know what, it has never had any influence on anyone or any aspect of politics itself. I have come to believe that I have wasted my time chasing that ever illusive ideal. Consequently, I have decided to abstain from such activities on social media. This decision doesn’t mean that I have no opinions or beliefs on the subject of politics. What it means is that I realized it’s a futile effort to believe my opinions will change anything by spewing them out on social media sites! Actually, even posting this writing here will not matter to anyone but me.
   So, rather than spend my time fretting over what’s happening in politics, I prefer to indulge in the whimsical and silly or sentimental thoughts that will maybe bring a smile to someone’s face!
I think it’s important to share and help spread information that may help someone regarding the things that they actually deal with on a daily basis. Things like home life or getting outdoors more, getting some exercise, about disease, diabetes or good food and cooking or just having fun. So, I am going to spend more time posting about those things and posting photos both from my life and of my adventures out and about.
   Anyway, I am quite certain that throwing a tantrum on a social media site would most likely, only result in my family, friends and other readers developing an inaccurate opinion of who I am. It seems to me that folks are quite quick to label you based on some single thing you say once, instead of trying to get the whole picture of who you are. I prefer not to be categorized by judgmental people when it comes to what I support and what I don’t because they almost always judge me wrongly. There are some who will criticize and disagree with you no matter what you say. They will even dislike my statements here because they still want to feel okay about posting their political propaganda statements all the time.
   I have lived long enough and am confident enough in my life that I can laugh at myself without feeling bad about myself. I think we would be a lot better off in every way if people would just get over themselves and quit looking for something to be offended by and whining about all the time.
   I am a firm believer that Negative thoughts attracts Negative and Positive thoughts attracts Positive.
We never know how long we have left or how much time is left to spend with family, friends or doing those things we really want before we expire! It’s time we got back to the basics of life, it’s time to quit trying to always get one up on someone else. It’s high time to stop the all the bad behavior and start living the happy life! It’s as easy as deciding to do it and sticking with that decision!
It’s time to turn up the music, kick off your shoes and dance in the kitchen til the morning light !!
Life is Life, Live it !!
Have a great day! 🙂

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