1) You are important, but life isn’t all about you
2) Always be nice to everyone until they force you not to be
3) Don’t live with blinders on, see what’s happening around you
4) Try not to burn bridges behind you
5) Always try to be objective and fair
6) Don’t Lie ever
7) Always be thankful for what you have
8) Don’t whine about things that you don’t have
9) The world doesn’t owe you anything
10) Never take advantage, mistreat or cheat anyone
11) Always practice giving, without expectations in return
12) Don’t make excuses for others bad behavior
13) Seek to accumulate friends and love, not material things
14) Be willing to offer help when you see it’s needed
15) Help others as much as you can
16) Do unexpected little things for someone anonymously
17) Don’t compare yourself, your life or success to others
18) Realize that what you hear (or see) may not be true
19) Eat good healthy food as much as possible
20) Life is Life, Live it !!
21) Don’t miss out on your life, there’s no rewind and no do overs.
22) Never spend time worrying what others think of you
23) Life is short, don’t put off doing things with loved ones
24) Realize this, You will look back and see that the little things were really the big things. Enjoy them now and then you’ll enjoy the great memories later without regrets.
25) Try to use your brain more, pay attention and think for yourself.
Have a great day!! 🙂


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