One of the most important things I’ve learned in life is that you’re gonna have to be happy with yourself first before you can be happy with someone else!

Here are some things that may help you to achieve that:

1) Learn to be completely objective and totally honest with yourself
2) Stop blaming your problems on everything and everyone else
3) Realize and accept that you need to evaluate and make some changes to yourself.
4) Realize that you can deal with yourself and no one else has to know about it, it’s only between you and yourself
5) Identify and accept that there are things that you don’t like about yourself.
6) Forgive yourself and make peace with yourself for the things you feel guilty about.
7) Resolve to change yourself and to eliminate what you don’t like about yourself
8) Realize that you will not accomplish these things on the first try
9) Convince yourself that because you don’t succeed on the first try, you have not failed, keep going
10) It’s okay if you fall off the wagon, You just pick yourself up and get back on.
11) Never quit or give up and you will achieve your goals
12) Realize that others will not respect you if you don’t respect yourself
13) Learn that you can rely on yourself if you need to
14) Never let someone else be responsible for your life or happiness.
15) Realize that only when you are happy with yourself can you be happy with someone else


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