No matter how great you look, how athletic or ‘Hot’ you are now or were before, as you increase in age your body and health will change. It’s a natural progression and nothing to be ashamed of. Your body cannot stay the same as it was before and it is important to realize this both for your emotional and physical health.
No matter how much you wish otherwise, you can’t stop the aging process. Sure, some bodies age slower than others and even those who strive to eat right and exercise sufficiently will hold out longer than us couch potatoes who love our hot dogs, potato chips and soda.
What point am I trying to make you ask?
Well, what I want to point out here is this, I see too many people who apparently believe that if they refuse to accept that they are aging, that alone will keep them young. Staying young as you grow older exists in the state of your mind, not the body. You need to accept that you will age and that’s okay. Don’t deny the changes and monitor your health and well being all the time. You will have to see doctors more, you likely will have to begin some medicine regimens.
Realize that denying or ignoring changes to your body or health can become very serious and your stubbornness will not prevent a problem from getting worse.
Just accept that you are aging and therefore, your body is changing. Stay on top of your health and do what your doctor tells you. That’s how you will live the longest and be the happiest. Sticking your head in the sand will not keep the aging process at bay.
Now go and have a great day!! 🙂


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