Folks, Take my advice when it comes to shopping, especially grocery shopping, if you don’t take time to shop at different stores then you are paying too much for what you get.
Everyone complains about how much stuff costs yet, so many won’t go to any effort to save a dollar.
You can make your money go a lot further by doing a little planning before leaving the house. This is especially important if you live alone or are on a fixed income or are feeding several mouths in your family.
First, Plan weekly meals and make a list of the things you really need to buy. The meal plan can and should be flexible, but it will help you keep your buying in check.
Check online and newspaper or circular ads to see who has what on sale.
Download and use the free apps that give rebates on purchases.
Ibotta, Checkout51 and SavingStar are the best apps to use.
I usually spend a little time in the evenings watching TV and perusing these apps to see what rebates are available that I am interested in purchasing. Honestly, I have received hundreds of dollars in cash back from these 3 apps alone.
Be sure you have a store customer card for any stores that offer them. Kroger has an online app where you can download e-coupons on hundreds of items to your Kroger card and they will automatically be applied when you buy that item at the store, definitely worth the time. They also offer a free item every Friday through their online app and email but it has to be downloaded to your card on Friday only and then you usually have about a month to actually buy it and get it free. It only works if you have online Kroger account as well as Kroger card.
Most all stores have online apps and you can find their sales online at their web sites if you don’t get circulars weekly.
Always Clip coupons that you will or should use if you get them.
There are many credit cards that will give a flat percentage of your purchase back to you in reward cash for using their card and almost all cards will give you a grace period to pay it off without a finance charge. Use these credit cards to purchase then go online within a couple days and pay the amount you spent off or wait til the statement comes and pay it off in full before a finance charge is incurred. Kroger and Walmart have their own credit cards as do some others and they offer additional cash rewards if you use their credit card. 5% or 3% or 1% back is still money in your pocket. especially when many folks buy groceries every week.
When you arrive at the stores look for in-store sales, mark downs and especially learn where they put the clearance items. I find a lot of good deals in the weekly clearance items.
All stores are cheaper on some thing and higher on others and if you learn this then you can shop more wisely.
Learn the sales dates that your local stores follow and plan accordingly.
Remember, there may a few brands that are worth holding out for but in most cases the store brand is the same item just packaged under the store brand. Check ingredients to find out how one compares to another.
They are counting on you placing more importance on getting the shopping over with to cause you to buy everything at one place as fast as you can…that’s not in your favor! Always allow time to check prices and ingredients! Remember, most stores place the higher priced goods at eye level or easiest to reach. Look up, look down, look all around before you choose and never just grab n go! That’s the most costly thing you can do!
Most times, I will go to Kroger, Aldi, Big Lots, Walmart, Food Fair, Iga, Sav a Lot and sometimes CVS, Rite-Aid, Walgreens, Roses, Dollar Tree, Mighty Dollar all. Usually I do 2 or 3 or maybe 4 places in a trip. This way, over a few trips to these places I’ve learned what to expect to buy from each place and can streamline my trips and sometimes I don’t go to a store unless I know there is something I want there. Between getting best prices and rebates and using coupons I save a substantial amount of money. Maybe enough to play more golf, eat out, go to the movies or take a day trip. It’s definitely worth the effort! Give it a try and stick with it long enough to get a handle on the stores in your area and their pricing habits.
Have a great day!! 🙂


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