The one reason I think I don’t have many friends on social media?
Yeah, it’s my own opinion, but here I go again anyway.
:Now, before I start let me clarify this one thing.
On any topic or subject there is a big difference between a fanatic and someone who is simply a believer. Fanatics are the overbearing and totally irritating folks that constantly lambast you with whatever it is that they are hooked on and who think you must see it their way too or you are just flat out wrong!
So, when I say fanatic I am not talking about the many folks who simply believe in something or are okay with it but don’t try to cram it down our throats all the time. Fanatics are the ‘over the top people‘ and I’m sure we’ve all met some of them in our journey through this world.

Okay, so with that said, here we go.

One thing I’ve observed in my many years on this earth. People who are over the top fanatical about anything from their diet to their health to their religion to their self importance and anything in between actually tend to drive more people away from it than convince them to join it, but they can’t see it or they refuse to see that their fanaticism is more detrimental than beneficial.

No matter what it is, I think most folks only want to become part of something at their own pace in their own time, not from intense brow-beating and incessant badgering from someone else. I think less is more in this case.

Fanatics also seem to be very judgemental of others even though they profess not to be. They seem to think if you don’t agree with what they think then it’s okay to judge you.

I understand people’s nature is such that, when they find something they love they want to try and convince everyone else that they too should be in on it. But, I think the more time you spend on your soapbox lecturing on a particular thing, the less effective you become at convincing others of its virtues.

I have also noticed that many of those who are fanatical about something sometimes tend to stretch the facts until they become hard to recognize. This is probably because of the intense desire to convince others that nothing can compare to how great this thing is that they are so sold on. But this stretching of the truth is usually recognized by the listener and therefore, only serves to negate the entire statement.

It would be nice if everyone would just enjoy what they like and welcome others but abstain from judging others and from the non-stop barrage of statements and pressuring others to get on board and become fanatics along with them!

This is just my opinion from what I have seen over the years.


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