The single biggest thing that alarms, scares and angers me is that there are so many people refusing to believe, or accept, that our actions are killing the very planet we exist on and depend on for life! The evidence is real and clear! It may not be happening today, but it is happening as sure as death is coming to us all.
Whether activists are exaggerating some things or not, it is still a reality that is happening!
The Earth is not indestructible. What happens when it no longer can provide what we must have to live?
When everything has been used up, when the earth is poisoned by man’s greed and relentless pursuit of wealth, when there is no more food, no more drinkable water, when all the animals, the fowls and fish have perished, it will be too late to start fixing the problems!
Now is the time to start addressing the problems! Take a stand for something good! Help the healing to begin in your lifetime so that your children, grandchildren and beyond can live their lifetimes! Make up your mind to be against the waste and destruction of our Earth. We don’t have anywhere else to go and live as we do on Earth!
You need to think on this for a while.

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