Thoughts on life and politics #CoffeeTalkwithPhilRush

I have been contemplating a lot of things lately and I’ve made some important decisions.
In the past, I have spent a considerable amount of time following and fidgeting over the political landscape and speaking out on social media about what I think. You know what, it has never had any influence on anyone or any aspect of politics itself. I have come to believe that I have wasted my time chasing that ever illusive ideal. Consequently, I have decided to abstain from such activities on social media. This decision doesn’t mean that I have no opinions or beliefs on the subject of politics. What it means is that I realized it’s a futile effort to believe my opinions will change anything by spewing them out on social media sites! Actually, even posting this writing here will not matter to anyone but me.
   So, rather than spend my time fretting over what’s happening in politics, I prefer to indulge in the whimsical and silly or sentimental thoughts that will maybe bring a smile to someone’s face!
I think it’s important to share and help spread information that may help someone regarding the things that they actually deal with on a daily basis. Things like home life or getting outdoors more, getting some exercise, about disease, diabetes or good food and cooking or just having fun. So, I am going to spend more time posting about those things and posting photos both from my life and of my adventures out and about.
   Anyway, I am quite certain that throwing a tantrum on a social media site would most likely, only result in my family, friends and other readers developing an inaccurate opinion of who I am. It seems to me that folks are quite quick to label you based on some single thing you say once, instead of trying to get the whole picture of who you are. I prefer not to be categorized by judgmental people when it comes to what I support and what I don’t because they almost always judge me wrongly. There are some who will criticize and disagree with you no matter what you say. They will even dislike my statements here because they still want to feel okay about posting their political propaganda statements all the time.
   I have lived long enough and am confident enough in my life that I can laugh at myself without feeling bad about myself. I think we would be a lot better off in every way if people would just get over themselves and quit looking for something to be offended by and whining about all the time.
   I am a firm believer that Negative thoughts attracts Negative and Positive thoughts attracts Positive.
We never know how long we have left or how much time is left to spend with family, friends or doing those things we really want before we expire! It’s time we got back to the basics of life, it’s time to quit trying to always get one up on someone else. It’s high time to stop the all the bad behavior and start living the happy life! It’s as easy as deciding to do it and sticking with that decision!
It’s time to turn up the music, kick off your shoes and dance in the kitchen til the morning light !!
Life is Life, Live it !!
Have a great day! 🙂

There’s a few things I’ve been pondering.

Do these questions haunt anyone else?
1. Why do they put manholes in the street where you have to run over them?
2. Why does the doctor only call you back when you’re stuck in the bathroom and left your phone in the living room?
3. Why is your cell phone bill always more than they told you it would be?
4. Why do pizza chains charge a delivery charge when you are still expected to tip the delivery guy for delivering it?
5. Why do insurance companies promise you prompt friendly service on claims until you file a claim?
6. When they re-pave the streets why don’t they raise the manhole covers up to level with the new surface instead of leaving a small crater in the road?
7. Why is it that buying a vehicle is such a stressful experience involving haggling over price and excessive lies to complete the deal. Why wouldn’t it just be like buying a new TV?
8. If only healthy food were available we wouldn’t have to worry so much about eating right, losing weight and getting in shape.

Are you not happy with your life? #CoffeetalkwithPhilRush


Are you not happy with your life?
If you aren’t happy or successful with something in your life then evaluate your actions (or lack of action).
In order for things to change in your life you have to do something different than what you are currently doing.
I’m sure you’ve heard this old saying: ‘You can’t keep doing the same thing over & over and expect different results’.
Now go on and have a great day! 🙂

You must decide to be Positive! #CoffeetalkwithPhilRush


You must decide to be Positive!
You have to make an effort at first to maintain a positive attitude.
If you try you will soon begin to realize that you are looking up more than down.
There will always be things to cause you some pain or sadness, but they are just ships passing in the night.
Remember this, you attract what you project.

Negative surrounds itself with negative while positive draws in positive.
So, how do you want to spend your life?

You can’t rewind your life! #CoffeeTalkwithPhilRush


You can’t rewind your life!

1.There isn’t any ‘do overs’ for a part of your life that has already passed by.
2. You only get one trip through this life.
3. You can‘t skate by in life.
4. You can’t get through by always blaming others for your disappointments and failures.
5. You will never be at this moment in your life again…ever.
6. You must own your life choices.
I’m sure you know this already but, You are where you are today because of the choices you have made in the past….Hmmm.
Don’t you think that where you will be at any given time in the future will be decided by the choices you make now and as you go along?….Hmmm.
Very few people will achieve success at anything by just letting the chips fall where they may.
I am not talking about money and financial riches only here but rather, every aspect of one’s trek through this life.
Your proclamations to enjoy life, to enjoy a successful career, to be an inspiration to others, to achieve the items on your bucket list, to make wishes come true, or whatever you make a pact with yourself to do, will depend entirely on your thinking it through then making wise choices as you go.
Do you already have regrets in your life because of previous choices made in haste or without consideration of the future events that were affected by that choice? Do you find yourself in a place you don’t care for either mentally, physically or emotionally? At this point,right now, right this second you can begin the change of what you have surrounded yourself with. It’s up to you, not me, not anyone else, just you. My simple intent here is to get you to be real with yourself and take responsibility for yourself and your life. You don’t need a crutch to blame everything on, you need to look up and start a new beginning if necessary. It’s never too late to start anew. Begin by contemplating and reminiscing about how your life has gone thus far. Then think about how your choices can decide what happens in your life.
Life is short at best, don’t squander it with bad choices and kneejerk decisions. I cannot tell you what to decide or what choices to make, you will have to ultimately reap what you sow.
My hope is that this has simply nudged you into considering your life’s past and contemplating how to approach your life’s future.
Have a Nice Life! 🙂

Let’s make a resolution that we keep! #CoffeeTalkwithPhilRush


Let’s make a resolution that we keep!
That resolution would be to quit eagerly clicking the”like” button on these erroneous posts that are just yanking your chain!!
>>Do you think you are going to get rich by clicking likes on Facebook? Do you really think they will give away money, homes, cars, campers and all sorts of other expensive items in return for only a few simple “likes” and “shares” on Facebook?
>>Here’s a simple truth you need to realize;
Businesses only give away stuff if they will in return receive more profits from increased sales of their product. They will not confine a large item giveaway to Facebook only. They will announce the winner if there is one because that will validate their business and draw more customers to them.
>>Have you ever gone back and checked on the sites of these giveaways after the deadline passes…yeah, they are usually gone because they’ve changed it so you can’t find it. Do you ever go to the Facebook account listed on one of these giveaways and browse around it? Usually, there is skimpy info and a few photos and nothing else. This is because it is a hoax people. Go to any legitimate company’s Facebook page and there will be tons of info about them and their activities. This should be your first thing to do before you mindlessly click “like” and share because you think, ooh..”It can’t hurt to try”…Yes, it can hurt and it can perpetuate this type of scam.
>>Don’t you just get tired of statements claiming something is going or has gone Viral when it clearly has just started and they are trying to hype it up as already being uber popular across social media to get it to go viral?
If it goes viral on its own then that’s fine, but trying to send it viral by announcing it’s going or has already gone when it hasn’t just irks me to no end because it is usually someone trying to manipulate you for their own personal reasons.
>>Also, I don’t like the statements saying “let’s make this go viral”…That is so self serving I just can’t stand it. They’re just playing you, and most folks fall for it hook, line and sinker!
>>These actions fall into the same category with me as those trying to get you to feel guilty or to sympathize by “liking” some picture that has a statement saying that no one will like this poor pitiful kid or adult or animal or that something good or needed will happen if they get so many “likes”. Excuse me, do you really think that “likes” on Facebook really have that kind of power?
>>Has anyone ever really said, “if you get 10000 likes on Facebook I will do the operation or I’ll buy you a new Apple Tablet” or some other such ridiculous thing? Do you really think Bill Gates or any celebrity is really going to give up millions of dollars over a few likes on Facebook? These are just hoaxes and scams which exist because so many people just can’t pass them up and that’s exactly what they are counting on. They accumulate all these likes on a site then sell it to someone for a profit and the buyer then has all the likes and shares to make whatever they are selling look like a legitimate item.
<><>Think about this,…How many times do you see a site for the first time and it already has hundreds or thousands of “likes” and many shares yet you have never heard of it before. Haven’t you been on Facebook for a long time? How did this get so many likes and shares and is just now showing up on your feed? Yeah, it probably used to be one of those scam posts to get “likes” and shares. You can do a little research online and find out about these scams unless you’re just too busy clicking your way through your Facebook feed to actually check on this stuff.
>>And…I can’t stop without mentioning those incessant posts claiming to be giving away something for free and all you have to do is like and share the post. Yes I know there are a few that are valid but they are usually easy to recognize because you know the person or business giving away something small, and it’s local and they actually post who the winner is!!!
<><>WAKE UP!! How many of the “so-called” free giveaways have you ever seen them post the winner after the deadline?? Because there is no winner and no giveaway other than you eagerly giving away your name and your friends list and possibly other personal information about yourself!!
>>I would like to see this behavior on Facebook end and it only can if people will start checking up on the “Too good to be true” posts. Remember that this old saying is still true,
“If it sounds too good to be true, It probably is”.
Maybe I’m just overly OCD. 🙂 ..Best wishes to you in the new year!

Wake up! Wake up! #CoffeeTalkwithPhilRush

Wake up! Wake up!
If things continue the way they are going and have been for some years now this nation cannot and will not survive as your safe haven or your prosperous place of freedom where each can choose for themselves how they will live and enjoy their life.
(1) Isn’t it about time for people to stop losing their minds over every little thing that they can possibly look at and twist in some way to consider it as an insult? I’m so tired of reading nearly daily about someone who claims to be offended by something!
(2) Isn’t it about time to quit judging people by whether they are Democrat or Republican? These two parties have become bitter rivals each seemingly hellbent on driving the other out of existence.
(3) Isn’t it about time to stop the knee-jerk reactions to anything and everything said or done by the other party just because they are the other party? The merits of a statement or plan have no bearing anymore because the other party will hate it simply because of who presented it.
(4) Isn’t it about time to get this derailed nation back on track? It seems obvious to me that the current politicians will not or can not fix the situation. Possibly because they are encumbered by their own secret loyalties to the reasons this mess exists.
(5) Isn’t it about time to return to our senses and once again take the lead as the greatest nation on earth? This nation’s people need to wake up, admit there is a problem, stop nit picking those who point out the problem and start being part of the answer instead of part of the blockade.
(6) Isn’t it about time to stop trying to appease everyone about everything and stop with all the thinking that everyone should have their way no matter how trivial or ridiculous it may be for us as a nation? A nation as great as we became cannot prosper and thrive by trying to cater to every person or special interest group that cries foul.
(7) Isn’t it about time to take our nation back from all the political corruptness and demand that our constitution be upheld and stop trying to abolish it or parts of it? As a people, we are not racially biased, that is a ploy by those who seek to destroy this nation. Yes, I know there are some here and there that have a problem with race, but they are few in number and not out there in large groups as we are told by those who will benefit from race baiting. We are not a country in distress to the degree that we are portrayed by those who seek to pit us one against the other and cause great discord in the nation eventually leading to the point where they can declare marshall law and take over and effectively begin functioning as a dictatorship.
We are like a runaway train heading full steam ahead toward a gorge where the bridge is out and there isn’t anyone driving! The only way to save ourselves is to work together to get into the front engine and throw the brakes on to get stopped before it’s too late! People always ask, “where do you stand”?
There’s no doubt, You’re already on board whether you want to be or not. If you think about it then you will realize that what the corrupt politicians and the others who are on the inside really want is for the people to do nothing, remain silent and believe their lies no matter how ridiculous they may be so that they can slide right into total power before we know what happened. Are we going to just be sheep, blindly doing what we’re told going wherever we’re being led? That’s not how this nation came to exist and not why our constitution was written, and certainly not how we became a great nation.

If we simply set back and do nothing, they will get what they want and we will lose our freedom! Then, it will be too late! It will be too late for you and your children and your grandchildren and your great grandchildren and so on it goes!
Wake up, look at what’s really happening around you and see that what is said by those who seek power is said to appease your ears and fears, but has little or no truth in most of it. Actions, good or bad, or lack of action should be considered before words. Words are cheap and easy to throw around to deceive and get one’s way.
Wake up! Wake up!

Today, let us begin the healing process. #CoffeeTalkwithPhilRush


Today, let us begin the healing process.
We are all in this together, it is not one person against another. The past several days have been very tumultuous with so much senseless killing. My heart is heavy in sorrow along with grieving families and friends for those who have lost their lives unnecessarily. We are a nation hurting and seeking a way to recover our sense of security and well-being. It seems to me that there is blame all around for these atrocities that have been committed. Don’t allow yourself to be tricked by the hatemongers into taking sides one against another. It’s time to stop the senseless violence and work together to solve the issues that are tearing this country and its people apart. We have but to look around this world to see so many places where this type of insanity is already happening and in some areas has been going on for years with no end in sight. Many of those people have already fled to this country in search of safety. Those countries they come from hate us because as a nation we have opposed them and their tyranny. These countries wish we didn’t exist because we are hurting their ability to control entire populations and continue their reign of terror and complete dominance. As a nation, we are generally of the opinion that violence will not solve the problem, yet we are beginning to see that same violence take root here in our land of milk & honey.
Make no mistake about it, over a period of time, many public offices and places of high power have been infiltrated by those who desire to destroy us as a nation because they hate our personal and religious freedoms. They have no problem with employing deceit and they believe any action to attain their goal is justified. I believe this is the root cause responsible for what is happening in the United States today. We cannot wait any longer, we must wake up and step up to stop this from going any further.
We are not supposed to be a heathen nation that has run amuck. We have been a bright shining beacon, a lighthouse for those who wish to escape the police states, the oppression, and unfair policies in other lands. We are supposed to be a nation that offers equality to all people and opportunity should exist for all. But, there are those who are working to undermine our democracy. Some change can be good for the people but, so many of those involved have resorted to using underhanded and devious methods, including pitting different groups against each other by baiting them and continually pushing all their hot buttons. Some people appear to foster a desire to throw the country into complete chaos with the idea that they will somehow benefit from a complete breakdown of the USA. We need to eliminate these people from public service offices and put a stop to the special interest and hate groups that promote ripping up the roots on which this country was founded. The media is not helping to stabilize our country either. In fact, I am convinced they have also been infiltrated just like our government by those whose ultimate goal is the demise of the United States of America!
I see this problem as originating in many of our government leaders who seem to be driven by personal greed and power to the point of selling their souls to the highest bidder and compromising their morals and ethics for gain at the expense of the people who trusted them to do the right thing for this country. It also seems that there are those who despise our Freedom and are bound and determined to destroy us. I believe the majority of citizens do not want to totally upend our governing structures and are against much of the upheaval caused by those who have attained a position in public service where they can cause such turmoil. Part of the problem is people who are sure someone else will fix it, someone else will take on the responsibility of overcoming these evildoers who seek to destroy our nation. We can no longer operate under the belief that everyone loves the U.S. and that we will always have it so good as it has been. Wake up, It’s got to be YOU who does something!
We have left the door unlocked for too long and the wolves have made their way inside! We must eject them from within and also ban them from our land in order to make our homes safe again. We cannot dwell safely while the wolves roam among us on our land. We must have adequate safeguards in place to prevent them from doing any more damage or we shall surely be doomed. The healing process will only begin when we as a nation stand up against those who wish to lead us around on a leash and send them packing! Prepare yourself with knowledge by spending time searching and reading from trusted sources instead of listening to the biased reports from any one source and hanging your decisions on some well-produced meme or cute, catchy slogans you read on social media. Indulge yourself in the effort to seek out the truth so you will not become just another sheep daydreaming about false ideals while being led smiling to the slaughterhouse. I believe all the upheaval we are experiencing today is the direct result of those who are trying to take over our country and put us all in bondage.
We are teetering on the edge of the abyss and the ground is crumbling beneath our feet. We must grab hold of each other’s hands and rely on one another to pull back and save us all from a terrible fate of which there will be no return.
It is time to change the thought processes of the people away from believing violent outbreaks are the way to the solution and help Americans realize we can only accomplish a solvent, happy life by working together peacefully for the salvation of our nation!

What about your health? #CoffeeTalkwithPhilRush

What about your health?
It’s time to quit with the attitude of “I might as well do what I like” because “oh well, everything is bad for you in some way” or “you’re gonna die anyway”.
That is an absolute “Cop Out” to avoid feeling guilty for treating yourself so badly and not taking responsibility for your health!!
No one else can make you healthier except you!
You need to start by realizing that we have been misled and LIED to for years and years and years in the name of greed, all for profits!
Are you ignoring all the studies and information out there about health dangers because you don’t want to change?
Ignorance will not keep you healthy! Do you know any person who has refused to care about their health and never had health problems? Of course not, because there aren’t any people like that out there.
Yes, it’s true that I am not in the greatest of health. I spent years unconsciously fighting against being healthy. No, I didn’t do it knowingly, I just never thought it would happen to me. I thought the ‘health nuts’ were just trying to force their lifestyle down my throat. I was Wrong!! But, I am much better than I was a few years ago. I am now fighting against the effects of all the unhealthy things I did that I am telling you to avoid before it’s too late.
I am now limited in what I can do, I spend tons of money on medical costs and I will probably die several years sooner because of ignoring my health for so many years. It took a heart attack, 8 heart stents, yes 8, and open heart surgery to reconstruct the left ventricle of my heart to get my attention, but even then I still did a lot of unhealthy things. Then, the scare of becoming diabetic to shock me into realizing I was in bad health mainly because of my own bad eating habits, even more to the point my intake of Sugar! It’s easy to say the words but it’s hard to actually realize them in relation to your own health.
Do you know what your numbers are for your HDL, LDL, Triglycerides, A1C , % body fat? Do you even know what these things are?
Do you know about Carbs? Do you eat way too much of the wrong foods and avoid good healthy foods? The foods we are buying in the store and eating are not the same as they were years ago. They have been adulterated with chemicals and sugar in the name of selling more and making more profit.
The reports and scientific research are not a conspiracy to force you to do something you shouldn’t. To the contrary, The Conspiracy is by those who profit from lying to you while selling you junk that is killing you!
Sugar is the single biggest threat to your health!
Americans consume on average 66 POUNDS of sugar yearly.
Do Not Kid yourself, It is #1 among foods that are killing us!
The daily recommended amount of sugar is 6 teaspoons for women and 9 teaspoons for men.
One 12 oz can of soda contains as much as 11 teaspoons of sugar. How many do you drink? 20 oz soda contains even that much more.
Diet soda is not the answer. It will kill you even faster!!
Sugar is also added to processed foods that aren’t even sweet.
Sugar is hiding behind many different names basically designed to fool you. There are over 61 names used for sugar on food labels.(high fructose corn syrup,sucrose,dextrose,maltose, anything that ends with ‘ose’,barley malt, rice syrup,cane juice,Agave nectar, etc.)
Drinking soda pop regularly will kill you!!….. slowly, but it will kill you!
Diet soda with artifical chemical sweetners is just as bad or worse!
The carbs in processed grains(especially White bread, White Rice, white pasta)is treated like sugar by your body.
I can’t list all the articles and research results here so take your health into your own hands and do some research. You will find plenty of information on the super highway about what has been discovered regarding the dangers.
Visit this website for useful information about sugar including the rest of the 61 names used for sugar!
I hope this has helped even one of you to take your health seriously now…not next year.

SugarScience is your authoritative, evidence-based source for the science of sugar, direct from a team of experts committed to improving health by bringing science to the public.

Do you have trouble sleeping?#CoffeeTalkwithPhilRush

Do you have trouble sleeping?
Do you know that sleeping an average of less than 6 hours per night raises your lifetime Heart Attack Risk by 50% ???
Not getting a full night’s sleep? Did you know that insomnia can cause depression and anxiety?
Tossing and turning during your sleep time? Do you know that the Blue light emitted by screens stops the brain from producing the Melatonin hormone that helps you sleep? In fact, the bright screens are signaling your body to wake up instead of sleep.
Here’s a scary one – 1 in 3 people have said that they would rather give up sex than their smart phone! What??
Have you considered that your problem of not sleeping or not sleeping well may be caused by the technological devices you are surrounded with?
We have become a society obsessed with our need to be constantly in touch with our technology.
(1) Is the TV on to provide background noise and light in the room while you try to sleep?..Not good. 2 hours exposure to light from electronic displays suppresses melatonin levels. Melatonin is crucial in helping you sleep.
(2) Do you take your smart phone to bed with you? A study shows that 90% of those 18-29 years old take their phone to bed with them. Do you grab your phone and check it first thing when you wake? Do you wake in the middle of the night for no reason and check it?
(3) Browsing the internet, texting or Facebooking just before trying to sleep? 95% of us do in the hour before bedtime.
(4) Are you obsessed with online games? These can stimulate your brain and the release of hormones that interfere with sleep.
Technology affects sleep mostly by cognitive stimulation. The brain increases its electrical activity and Neurons increase. This is counterproductive to sleep. Also, physical activity you may not even think about affects sleep. The act of sending an email or responding to a game causes the body to tense up, this causes stress and your adrenal glands can produce Cortisol, a stress hormone that is associated with the ‘fight or flight’ response of the body.
Even small amounts of light from that electronics ‘glow’ pass through the Retina to the Hypothalamus(the part of the brain controlling sleep) and prevent the release of melatonin.
So, what should we do to alleviate this problem and help get our sleep habits back on track?
Here are some ideas.
(1) Allow some time to unwind before trying to sleep.
(2) Turn off all your electronic screen connection devices and your television at least 15-30 minutes before you lay down to sleep and take a few deep breaths to begin the calming process.
(3) Maybe have a warm drink(milk, tea or water) and read a little or maybe take a warm bath or just sit quietly and reflect on something very pleasurable to think about.
(4) You could play some soothing music keeping the volume low to help you relax.
(5) Make sure your bedroom is a quiet, dark place to provide calm for your brain.
If you are suffering from insomnia or sleep deprivation or any form of sleeping issue you need to take it seriously and make some changes to get back on track. If all else fails then see a sleep specialist about your problem. It could be a huge factor in your overall health and well being!